Warre Hives


We have "Warre" style beehives for sale. I make them myself and do not skimp on materials or construction. I am a beekeeper and understand the benefits of well-made hives. To our knowledge, there are no beehives on the market that are glued and screwed and that use quality cedar for this price range. The glue is non-toxic. We assemble our hives to provide you with a solid hive that will last longer. We use 7/8" thick western red cedar, not pine. Cedar is a naturally decay-resistant wood. Joints and tolerances are tight. Top bars are single piece construction with a wedge shaped bottom edge comb guide. The hive will come unfinished to avoid use of VOC's in the bee's environment. We suggest oiling the hive with non-toxic oil like olive oil to reduce weathering. We follow the dimensions of the hive's originator, Abbe Emile Warre. Some construction details may vary from those featured. All products are non-refundable.


Product Prices

Free hive tool and bee brush with each hive order!

Starter Hive $250.
A starter hive will include (items listed top down as shown in photos): sloped ventilating roof; quilt box; extra sheet of canvas for top of upper bee box; 2 bee boxes; screened bottom board; and solid bottom board. Includes free hive tool and bee brush.

Additional Bee Boxes $75 each.
As the hive grows and to avoid a hive-split (where half of the bees leave due to crowding), you may need to add 1 or 2 additional bee boxes.

Feeder Box $90 each.
One feeder box would serve each hive.

Expanded Hive is a Starter Hive as described above with 2 extra bee boxes and 1 feeder box $450 if purchased at the same time. This reflects a $40 discount over the per-piece price. Includes free hive tool and bee brush.

Stainless Steel Hive Tool $10 each.

Bee Brush $10 each.